Supporting those who protect us

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is looking to extend the current levy in May 2019. Polk County is a safer community with the levy in place. Because of the levy, the Polk County Public Safety System is more effectively able to deter and prevent crime, arrest and prosecute criminals while providing a professional level of service; all the while being accountable to the

We need to protect the investment we have all made into our safety and to ensure continuity of crucial law enforcement services to all of Polk county we must renew the original public safety levy, as its nearing its end.

The levy provided the following over the past four years, and will maintain those levels going forward if passed.

  • 12 patrol deputies
  • 5 full time employees in the jail (3 deputies/2 civilian support staff)
  • 5 full time employees in the district attorney’s office (3 prosecutors and 2 legal support staff)

Please help us keep Polk County safer by supporting the renewal of the levy in May 2019. Please visit for information or to give your official endorsement.

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